About Chicago Architecture Data

This is a project by the team at Chicago Patterns. We are cataloging the city's built environment, and our mission is to document all interesting buildings in the city.

Chicago Architecture Data is a citywide survey and discussion forum, Chicago Patterns digs deeper and tells the stories and history of these neighborhood landmarks.


John Morris manages application development, design, architecture analysis, and categorization.


We have used many sources as the starting point for our catalog. This includes the Chicago Historic Resources Survey, Cook County Assessors Office, Cook County Property Tax Portal, City of Chicago Buildings Dataset, and Cook County Addresses Dataset.

The neighborhood boundaries used are defined by the city of Chicago. Given the sometimes transient nature of boundaries, some entries may list a neighborhood incorrectly.

We have made great effort to ensure the accuracy of each entry, and continue to do so--but we do not guarantee the accuracy of any data. Please contact us if you notice something that is incorrect.

Technology Attributions

This platform is built on a Python, Django, and PostgreSQL technology stack. We use django-watson for search and Easy Thumbnails for image management.

Copyright Information

Photography not listed as sourced from the Cook County Assessor is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

In short, this means you are free to download, copy, and use our photos--but are required to credit the photographer and provide a link to this site if used in a public medium.

Contact Information

We encourage you to reach out using our Architecture Forum for questions or comments.

If you would like to reach us directly, our email address is chicagopatterns@gmail.com or you can use the contact form at Chicago Patterns.