F.D. Nemecek Photography Studio

photographer: John Morris

Architecture data

Primary style Art Nouveau
Type Commercial
Neighborhood Pilsen
Community area Lower West Side
Built 1904
Architect Randak, Frank
Property Class Mixed use commercial/residential building with apartment and commercial area totaling 6 units or less with a square foot area less than 20,00 square feet, any age

About this data


I just found an awesome picture from this studio. Pictures just don't look like the one I found these days! Nice work back then.

Roseann on 2/22/16

According to Paul Nemecek, grandson of Francis, the photo studio was in this building 1909 to 1951. (Chicago History Museum dates its photo 1903 -- must be an error.) The place is now (2017) a coffee shop called CafeJumping Bean. The address is 1439 West 18th (before 1910, 539 West 18th).

Pat S on 9/13/17

Correction: addresses were 1489 and 589.

Pat S on 9/13/17

I need to know about this picture that was about a baseball team

Richmond on 11/22/18

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