60 E Oak Street

Cook County Assessor photo

Architecture data

Primary style Art Deco
Type Theater
Neighborhood Gold Coast
Community area Near North Side
Built 1940
Architect Pereira & Pereira
Property Class Two or three story building containing part or all retail and/or commercial space

About this data


This is an old photo and the building looks nothing like this today. the only thing left is the Esquire sign the Marquee is gone. Today it looks like the rest of Oak street and you will find Del Frisco's Double Eagle steak house there.

Bill Field on 1/15/15


Thank you for the update. A sad comparison of the assessor photo and how it is today, though some of the original facade is intact. I'll get a new photo and update this entry, though I wonder if it deserves to remain listed given how much it has been altered.

display name on 1/20/15

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